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About Epicentre


We think quality is a state of mind, but one that it’s crucial to measure:

  • ISO 9001:2008 accreditation ensures that our staff works to clearly defined, well-structured, fully documented and accountable processes.
  • Most of our testing staff are ISTQB/ISEB qualified, meaning you can rely on our processes, strategies and testing to be at industry-standard.
  • We also undergo regular internal and external audits and constantly monitor and improve our processes to keep them up to date and effective. For example, we operate a Total Quality Management policy, within which Epicentre runs the Test Process Improvement model to ensure the test process itself is as effective as possible.
  • Our Service Desk runs an ITIL set of processes so you can be sure that our support and quality improvement cycles will lead to fewer issues over time for your product.
  • Our specialist test scripts and processes are created with industry-standards in mind – WCAG, AQuA and SCORM are just a few compliance bodies we work with.
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We work closely with clients to ensure our test practices are tailored to your product’s requirements to provide thorough and appropriate testing.

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