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Ceridian is a leading HR system vendor. Their clients include global retailers and other leading organisations who they work with closely to implement tailored versions of their software solutions. As part of this, there is a need for thorough testing of each implementation and release, including volume and performance (V&P) testing.

The solution:

Ceridian had a requirement to replace their V&P solution in order to gain greater flexibility, and therefore cost efficiency, whilst still receiving the benefits of a managed service. This included a UK-based test lead who quickly got up to speed with Ceridian’s systems and provided both a review and handover from the current solution Ceridian had in place. The UK-based test lead is also supported by a flexible offshore test team so that less complex tasks could be executed offshore. This was to both reduce costs and introduce the potential advantages of time zone testing.


The results:

Epicentre has now been supporting Ceridian through multiple releases of their software. We have been credited by both Ceridian and the customer as introducing a greater level of assurance to the process, as well as achieving notable project-based successes and reducing costs through our resourcing model. We provide a service which is incredibly flexible and a management team that interacts closely with Ceridian to help improve processes and achieve their objectives. We have worked with the Ceridian Test Manager as part of his team to build up strategic test assets and improve the effectiveness, efficiency and awareness of V&P testing within the business.

Epicentre was able to provide a flexible team that could be utilised when required, therefore eliminating much of the down-time that can occur during performance testing engagements, whilst still maintaining consistency.

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