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Channel 4/Espresso

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Epicentre worked closely with Channel 4/Espresso to provide testing and support services. One key test project involved a series of basic checks on a diverse range of 26 software titles, including platform compatibility, Windows networking and RM CC3 networking. Limited time was available to complete this project, demanding substantial planning and a clear explication of the test brief.

The solution:

C4/Espresso provided Epicentre with documentation including a full listing of the 26 titles, a change log and list of upgrades made and details on problems to look out for, alongside the standard Epicentre Title Analysis Form. The same testers were used throughout the duration to ensure a minimum of familiarisation time was required. Technical testers were allocated tasks appropriate to their level of skill. The bug database was overseen by the project’s lead tester, and bugs observed in one title were also checked for in the remaining 25.


The results:

Testing on the 26-CD project was completed on time and all tests were covered. All instances of the expected issues were observed and recorded, and several unexpected problems were also reported to C4/Espresso.

Epicentre assembled a detailed test plan that would track all testing on the project – completed, in progress, planned and projected. This was continuously updated throughout the testing process.

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