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Macmillan Education

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Epicentre was approached by Macmillan Education to provide mobile app testing services. A set of six mobile applications were being compiled into one app, termed the IELTS Skills app. The focus of the project was to provide specialist mobile testing on the app across a range of iOS and Android devices.

The solution:

Epicentre provided a team of testers at short notice to cover both functionality and mobile cross-compatibility testing on the mobile app. Our scripted approach was designed to examine an app’s behaviour within the unique mobile environment, checking its behaviour in response to a range of scenarios including interrupts from the phone and loss of signal/connectivity, as well as a range of generic tests relating to mobile hardware. Our compatibility testing involved a subset of tests against a range of real iOS and Android devices.


The results:

Our approach ensured that Macmillan got the most representative and reliable outcome whilst meeting their tight budgetary and timescale requirements. Epicentre supplied detailed bug reports covering a range of issue types to Macmillan, from simple functionality issues to issues related to audio and links. Since then, we have continued our strong relationship with Macmillan, supporting them both in relation to testing and also Service Desk.


“I am pleased with the report, in that it has highlighted problems that we missed, but nothing too dramatic!!! This is an ideal outcome!”

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