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NHS Connecting for Health

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NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CfH) commissioned Epic, Epicentre’s parent company, to develop a web platform called the Information Governance Training Toolkit (IGTT). In order to roll-out the tool to 1.5 million users, the NHS needed to upgrade their server hardware, which was untested and unproven, and NHS CfH wanted to be sure it could support 37,000 concurrent users.

The solution:

Epic introduced Epicentre’s range of tailored automated testing services. In order to help NHS CfH understand our test approach, Epicentre and STAG (our testing partner) created a project outline based on the technical requirements of the original e-learning. To ensure the client was fully involved in the process, we summarised the tools used to produce test scripts, metrics (for system performance), project deliverables and clearly established the support input required from NHS CfH to facilitate the testing process.



The results:

A STAG engineer oversaw the testing, which took place in the NHS offices, sending regular updates to both Epicentre’s Brighton office and the NHS. Due to strong communication between STAG’s engineer, the Epicentre team and NHS support, any disruptions that occurred were short-lived and smoothly handled. At the conclusion of testing, a technical report was compiled by our engineer, covering all aspects of the process and the related results.

Epicentre provided expert technical capabilities and a supporting summary to accompany the report, presenting the test results and subsequent recommendations in an easy to grasp, non-technical manner.

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