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Online Centres Foundation (OCF), who also trade under the name UK Online Centres, is a small and flexible company pursuing a variety of different educational initiatives within the sphere of social and technological responsibility and provision in the UK. They do not support an in-house test team and are therefore unable to provide independent testing and analysis of their digital products.

The solution:

Epicentre and Online Centres Foundation have evolved their testing requirements and testing support side-by-side, with Epicentre’s provision of services shifting flexibly to meet changing requirements and products. Epicentre’s long-standing experience with e-learning testing and strong position in the provision of testing modern digital and marketing media means we are excellently placed to support OCF, whatever their requirements.

The results:

Epicentre has worked with Online Centres Foundation since its creation in 2008 as a splinter organisation of Ufi/learndirect,  and both companies enjoy a strong ongoing relationship. Epicentre continues to support OCF’s course materials with testing that matches the hardware and software in UK Online Centres training centres. Both parties continue to discuss the future and potential changes and trends that lie ahead.

“Professional, flexible and thorough – that's why we use Epicentre.”

Kevin Maye Product Development Manager

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