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Pearson Education publishes a large number of titles in well-established series such as ActiveTeach. Recently they have moved into the production of education mobile apps and the production of complex platforms in Agile development environments. Epicentre’s testing support has been required in all such instances.

The solution:

Epicentre has advised and assisted Pearson in the testing of mobile apps, which have included touchscreen apps aimed at young users who are just learning to write and ‘draw’ numbers and letters, bookshelf apps for ranges of Pearson eBooks, and more. Epicentre’s bespoke mobile test scripts have been widely used during this process, from our mobile environmental behaviour test script, to our mobile test script and to our Apple App Store Submission UI Guidelines script. We have also supported Pearson’s platforms with Agile testing support, providing consistent resources for each sprint/iteration in development to build upon prior experience and lend the test team a sense of ownership and participation in the Agile environment.


The results:

Epicentre’s well-established and extensive range of PC and Mac hardware and large array of operating systems, alongside its significant experience with Pearson Education products, means that the continued support of Pearson Education’s core digital product lines is a smooth and efficient process. Our experience with mobile apps and mobile technologies has helped Pearson more clearly understand the competitiveness of their products as well as refine them and eliminate functional issues. Testing and development on several Agile projects is now approaching initial launches and Pearson’s project managers have repeatedly expressed gratitude for the efforts and experience of our testers.

“Epicentre is our preferred test house due to the ability to talk to the tester directly and being flexible on the test plan. All testing was performed when required, even when last minute retests were needed.”

Miles Kempson Digital Product Manager

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