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Random House

Random House screenshot

Random House is the largest trade book publisher in the world. As new technologies and platforms evolve, they have to adapt to meet the demands of the public, therefore their collection now includes mobile apps. They have high profile clients so it’s imperative that their apps are tested thoroughly. Epicentre tested an interactive map app for iPad based on the Discworld® series.

The solution:

‘Discworld®: The Ankh-Morpork Map’ centres around a map interface so is similar to navigating Google Maps on a smartphone, using the pinch-to-zoom interface. The app included a large number of unique challenges, such as iOS achievement integration, demanding technical specifications, randomly generated animations and a huge 2.5D hand-drawn map which required detailed masking work to be comprehensively checked. Testing utilised both scripted and unscripted approaches to ensure comprehensive and efficient coverage.

The results:

We worked with Random House to design specific test builds to help with the masking work, ensuring that all features could be checked. A wide and carefully-selected range of test platforms was used to ensure full and comprehensive checks for any potential hardware or OS incompatibility. The app was released on time to a positive response from the public and clients. Random House also commissioned Epicentre to test a companion app for Nigella Lawson’s BBC series ‘Nigellissima’.

Epicentre tested a popular interactive map app for iPad based on the fictional city of Ankh-Morpork from Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' novels.

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