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SHL is a global leader in talent management and employee development. SHL, in partnership with Epic, created a number of e-learning courses to reside on their training academy. After final delivery they realised they were unable to independently support the e-learning due to the abundance of users, so called upon Epicentre Service Desk.


The solution:

The twin foundations that Epicentre and the Service Desk provided SHL were (and continue to be) thoroughness and adaptability. Epicentre Service Desk adapted its approach according to the type of query under investigation, offering friendly and helpful advice to the client and/or directly to the end user. Epicentre Service Desk was pleased to provide support services to help SHL end users and administrators. The team at the Service Desk thoroughly investigated all queries and provided first-time resolutions to SHL.

The results:

Epicentre Service Desk has been providing an excellent support service to end users and administrators for over five years. SHL continues to be very pleased with the service. The extensive technical expertise of the team at the Service Desk meant that it was perfectly placed to provide the required first-line support to end users experiencing problems with results tracking, navigating the site and launching the e-learning. We also provide support to SHL administrators by delivering bounced emails, generating reports and updating users’ results.

Epicentre Service Desk has now taken on the challenge of supporting administrators and end users around the world. SHL supplies the e-learning created by Epic to corporations such as Coca Cola and IBM.

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