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VCCP – easyJet

VCCP – easyJet screenshot

VCCP was commissioned to create a looping animation with dynamic content linked to always up-to-date information from easyJet. The animation was designed to display in large monitors behind the reception desk at easyJet, so required high-end PCs with a triple head monitor display in order to emulate their environment.

The solution:

Epicentre was able to assemble the specialist environment at short notice in order to support VCCP’s technical requirements. As the animations are designed to change dramatically based on potentially unpredictable data, it was important that the tests be comprehensive enough to account for a huge range of different possibilities. To ensure that we were accounting for all possibilities, the testing was scripted.

The results:

Due to the scripted nature of the test, Epicentre was able to approach the test quickly and efficiently, saving costs for VCCP whilst also exhaustively checking all possible animation scenarios. The bespoke test environment gave VCCP the confidence that the results were as accurate and reliable.

The installation went great! They were so pleased with it and it looked great on their fancy screens in the reception. Many thanks for your help as always.

Paul Arnfield Producer

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