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VCCP is one of the leading digital media agencies in the UK and work with some of the world’s largest brands. As with all digital agencies their workload fluctuates according to the number and size of projects they are working on at any one time. This made it difficult for them to manage their testing requirements using a purely internal test team.


The solution:

VCCP initially approached Epicentre with a last minute request to test a microsite for one of their key clients. We responded to this exceptionally quickly, providing a quality managed service which solved their immediate bandwidth issue. This led to discussions around not just other projects but also how Epicentre could provide long-term support to their team. After working on a number of projects with VCCP, we established a managed service delivery model that would fit them best. This consists of QA Management continuing to be supported internally by VCCP, to scope out requirements and manage internal developers’ expectations, but with most testing requirements being supported by Epicentre.


The results:

Epicentre’s test provision now includes; dedicated account management; technical management of the delivery of multiple test projects at any one time; test planning and test script development; detailed reporting; resource planning and guidance. Epicentre now has a long-term Service Level Agreement in place with VCCP to support the governance of the relationship as well as ensure delivery is streamlined on both sides and test results are top quality. Since the relationship was formed, we have worked on some of VCCP’s largest projects and provided functional, compatibility, accessibility, mobile and also penetration testing as part of our service.

“Epicentre has provided an excellent, cost effective and flexible solution. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a QA partner."

QA Manager

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