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Videotel screenshot

Videotel produce a range of training materials for the maritime industry. These include e-learning packages, learning management systems and the hardware required to host these. Videotel produce a networked server hosting their LMS and training packages. Epicentre were approached to test the functionality of their networked server to ensure it performed as expected.


The solution:

Videotel’s LMS and training packages were created to provide training to crew members on marine vessels. The training can be provided while the ships are at sea, and it is necessary to ensure that the training platform remains stable and behaves consistently without the need for maintenance or updates. Videotel provided Epicentre with a sample of their hardware for black box testing. Epicentre undertook a range of tests to ensure that documented functionality behaved as described.

The results:

The testing took place across a range of client operating system and browser platforms to ensure that consistent behaviour was displayed. Further testing also included verification of the system’s stability with multiple end user connections and investigations based around system update and logging procedures. Epicentre were able to highlight many system functionality issues which could have negatively impacted an end user’s experience.


As a result of the initial round of testing provided, Videotel and Epicentre are continuing to work together on a series of additional projects.

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