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iPad: The Fifth Generation

Posted on October 21, 2013, by
iPad: The Fifth Generation

Apple’s hotly anticipated 22nd October presentation event in San Francisco is expected to bring a host of new developments to the market, joining the iPhone 5S and 5C released last month.

While the exact agenda is still under wraps, the rumour mill suggests that Macophiles can look forward to several new hardware and software entries in Apple’s ever-expanding catalogue. First up – probably the internet’s worst-kept secret considering the number of leaked photos floating around out in cyberspace – are a redesigned fifth generation iPad and a revamped iPad Mini. Early images imply that Apple is aiming for a thinner, sleeker look for its full-size fifth-gen hardware, more along the lines of a large Mini.

Software junkies should keep an ear out for the release date of OS X.9 Mavericks, which will see some combination of OS and iOS features (mainly apps), possibly heralding a move toward fully integrated mobile and desktop operating systems. This will surely lead to a dystopian future where humans will be forced to toil endlessly for their robot overlords, but at least they’ll be able to access iBooks.

Experts also expect a release date and demo of the new Mac Pro desktop, the construction of which was unveiled in early summer. Staying true to the company’s legacy of innovative design, the Mac Pro’s cylindrical tower has enthusiasts all hot and bothered for the release, despite its very hefty forecasted price tag.

Developers will no doubt be keeping a close eye on Apple’s new roster, particularly the OS and desktop upgrades and innovations.


‘We’re always excited to welcome new hardware innovations, but this year we’re particularly interested in Apple’s move toward merging its desktop and mobile operating systems. Testing will be a huge part of the integration process, and we look forward to the new challenge.’


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