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Love Them or Hate Them, Selfies Are Here to Stay

Posted on November 25, 2013, by
Love Them or Hate Them, Selfies Are Here to Stay

The Oxford Dictionaries’ editors recently announced that “selfie” is their word of the year and, in a non-twist that’s surprised exactly no one, it’s proved a bit of a controversial choice.

Responses to the word’s newly exalted status have spanned everything from feminist arguments that selfies are a cry for help brought on by society’s conditioning of women to crave outside approval and humanist arguments that selfies are an obnoxious, self-aggrandising final refuge for teenage girls to tips on how to take the perfect selfie (hint: duckface is very bad and accomplishes nothing) [3]. Morality and etiquette aside, selfies have become so popular that an already saturated mobile photo app market is sure to receive an influx of next-generation Instagram apes, embellishments and editors.

But beyond the simple image-sharing of yesteryear, today’s selfies are becoming increasingly text heavy, with apps such as Snapchat allowing text and images or video to be sent to contacts; now Context lets the user apply text over the image to be shared. With these apps becoming that much more integrated, and their popularity necessitating multi-platform compatibility, we envision thorough app testing for both functionality and cross-compatibility will become an even more important aspect of app development in the future.

If SMS goes the way of the dinosaurs and is ultimately replaced by image-based messaging apps, only our intrepid and well-trained testers will be able to make the future safe for selfies.

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