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Automated test factory

As part of our functional automated test factory services, Epicentre offers a managed service to expedite delivery of your automated regression suite. This follows a production-line style approach where test cases can be designed with automation in mind and built and validated manually before being passed to our automation team. These are then built into an automated test pack using one of our proprietary frameworks.

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Our automated test factory service can be provided using a blended or fully offshore delivery model to keep costs to a minimum.  Currently, a number of commercial and open source tools are supported, and the service is tool independent. This service is therefore ideally suited to organisations that have yet to achieve success with automation and would like to recap the benefits and return on investment (ROI) quickly. Often these are SMEs with smaller test teams who don’t have access to advanced automated test factory skills and who would find it difficult to dedicate resource to an internal automation project. With our automated test factory service, those SMEs can successfully tackle their issues with test coverage and regression cycles.

Using Epicentre’s automated test factory service allows you to:

  • expedite the implementation of test automation
  • expedite the return on investment of your test automation
  • gain access to proven, pre-built frameworks that will save you time and money
  • enjoy the flexibility to involve your team in the process so the skills can be retained internally.


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