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Onsite testing

We understand that often there is a need for our customers to ramp up their testing resources and find testers in-house. This may be to work closely with other project team members (in an agile environment, for example), for knowledge transfer purposes or due to the sensitivity of the project or related data.

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Epicentre is experienced in providing onsite teams of testers either to work under the direction of the client team or to manage entire projects or internal teams. This includes the provision of skills related to strategic guidance and training, performance testing and functional areas of testing (including agile testing).

This can also be supplemented by our remote team of testers, where cost or space is an issue or access to additional test kit is required, but it is always provided as a service so that Epicentre can manage the entire process and monitor progress throughout. Our testers will work closely with you to identify the best delivery method for your project that will fit with your internal processes, project requirements, available budget, the project timescales and the related risk.

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