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Remote user acceptance testing

Epicentre offers a full range of user acceptance testing that can be delivered quickly and tailored to your needs. By supporting you remotely, this allows us to offer greater flexibility in resourcing, giving you access to our extensive test labs and keeping cost to a minimum. As a managed service, you also get test and account management support with no hidden costs involved, in addition to our specialist user acceptance testing skills. This means you can outsource entire projects to be delivered remotely to the highest possible standards.

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We have specialist testers and dedicated facilities equipped with a range of software and hardware which enables us to provide a complete end-to-end user acceptance testing service. This will give you confidence that your application will function correctly and be scalable, secure and functional to your target audience.

Our remote user acceptance testing services include the following areas:

  • manual and automated functional testing
  • compatibility and mobile compatibility testing
  • accessibility testing
  • user acceptance testing
  • LSPS testing
  • security testing.

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