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Test tools

Within our test services projects, Epicentre utilises an extensive range of ‘best of breed’ test tools, both commercial and open source, available in the marketplace.

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Our experts have extensive experience using most open source and commercial test tools available in the UK marketplace. They are also happy to use any appropriate test tools that are already licensed by the client. Where required, we will recommend the most appropriate tools for the test tasks involved.

When an open source product is recommended, we may allocate some ‘customisation time’, during which we will build interfaces and customise the test tools for your application. For many of the more popular open source test tools (such as Selenium), we have pre-built frameworks that can save you time and money. Where commercial test tools are recommended, there are additional licensing costs that have to be considered by the client and Epicentre will help guide you through the often complex licensing options available.

Our engineers have a deep knowledge of testing and are extensively trained in a number of the testing disciplines. Epicentre technical staff have extensive practical experience of a number of effective test tools, including: Selenium, Rational Robot, QTP, SilkTest, LoadRunner and Performance Center, JMeter, OpenSTA, PureCoverage, WAPT, JCover, JUnit, CVS, VSS, GNATS, Bugzilla, JIRA and Quality Center.


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