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Microsoft phields phablet support

Posted on October 25, 2013, by
Microsoft phields phablet support

Microsoft has clearly thrown its hat into the phablet ring with its announcement that the next Windows 8 Phone update will support the hybrid handsets.

‘Phablet’ is a relatively new – and frankly silly – term for those mini-tablet-sized phones that make consumers look as if they’re having one-sided conversations with baking sheets (as opposed to Bluetooth headsets, which make them look like they’re having conversations with themselves). Think the HTC One Max or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Microsoft doesn’t currently make a phablet, but it’s elbowing in on a little of the market share by modifying its Window 8 Phone software to achieve phablet-friendly status. The major new features are largely display-orientated and include support for screens up to six inches, 16:9 aspect ratio with 1080p resolution, and a greater number of live tiles and app functions per screen.

Microsoft is as late to the dinner table with phablets as it has been in the past with mobiles, but this latest development does show a willingness to change with the times (albeit slowly) and introduce itself into new technologies while capitalising on diverse delivery systems for its proprietary operating systems. No-one would consider this move a game changer for Microsoft in the mobile technologies market, but it’s a solid step forward for the company and hints at the possible creation of a Windows phablet of their own within the next year or so.

Watch out for the Update 3 for the Windows Phone 8, with its phablety phab phablet pheatures, being rolled out within the next couple of months.

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