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Mozilla unveils a new Persona

Posted on October 3, 2012, by

The Mozilla Foundation recently announced an innovative browser-based website log-in system in an attempt to put an end to logging in with conventional usernames and passwords.

Dubbed Persona, the system was first launched as a prototype in 2011 under the title BrowserID and has since been re-conditioned.

Although Persona may not appear as secure as using different login details for different websites it does feature several safety measures. For example, Persona allows users to control how their personal information is shared. As a result users are able to skip the process of entering personal information into a profile on a website and instead log in with just an email address. This allows users to be more cautious with their personal information, entering it only when they consider it appropriate.

Essentially Persona is designed as a universal single sign-on technology and in this it is similar to OpenID, which already offers a sign-in option for the most popular social networking websites. There are crucial differences, however. The only unique identification required for Persona is a valid email address. In addition the log-in process used in Persona is driven by public-key cryptography. This is somewhat similar to how Apple’s Keychain functions.

There are further advantages from a user’s point of view: that it is no longer necessary to remember multiple passwords for various websites is an obvious one! In addition a user running Persona will not have to enter a password into a site thereby saving a little time and ensuring that a password will not be stored for prospective hackers to identify and abuse.

As Persona is an open source project Mozilla are welcoming input and cooperation from the online community. Although Persona was created by the Mozilla Corporation the software is freely available for all major desktop and handheld device browsers.

(SourceEl Reg)

Epicentre Says“With many more upgrades in the pipeline for Persona we’re all very interested to see how the software will evolve, and if Mozilla’s competitors will produce competing solutions. Mozilla hope that Persona will be widely-used by web developers therefore encouraging further future use and market penetration. Security and account management are critical elements of any website and, of course, Persona will command its own unique testing requirements wherever it is implemented.” You might think a memorable picture extraordinary source would have vivid color, an appealing.

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