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We provide services such as content editorial support, technical support, end user support and admin support.

The Service Desk is well-established with an experienced and dedicated support services team able to respond to all of your potential needs including adding forums, adding users, installation, log-in/access problems, operating systems, creation and maintenance of FAQs and registration support.


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  • Our services will help you keep your content up to date. The Service Desk can assist you with: text updates and amendments graphics updates news updates advice on content strategy/policy proofreading reviews. We'll make sure that your content is always correct and presentable to your audience.
  • Outsourcing technical support allows you to control costs. New releases or commitments to build an effective support team can incur high costs.
  • The Service Desk will act as your front line team, fielding queries as they arise. We log all calls in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 accredited process and strive to implement a first time fix when possible. We investigate the root cause of all issues that arrive and, where necessary, refer issues to our development team to implement a fix. We provide a dedicated phone line and an email alias address to ensure consistency between your site and the Service Desk’s resolutions.
  • The Service Desk can provide the administrators of your site with support for any functional issues they may be experiencing with Epic-produced e-learning content. We believe that having that extra line of administrator support can drastically reduce the amount of time your administrators spend on resolving issues by stepping in when needed.

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