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Functional testing

Functional testing is all about rigorously assessing the core features of your product. Whether your product is a website, mobile app or targeted system, the same general principles apply. Epicentre recommends that functional testing is driven by comprehensive test cases to ensure total coverage – and we can produce these test cases ourselves. But we know one size doesn’t always fit all, and sometimes a more freeform approach is the best way of delivering high quality at a low cost.

Epicentre has one of the largest ranges of in-house test platforms of any testing company, along with years of experience of finding the balance between extensive coverage and cost efficiency.

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  • Before it’s released to your customers, functional testing for your product is crucial to identify errors in key areas. Depending on your product these might include the following:

    • Installation/uninstallation
    • Navigation and user interface
    • Layout and consistency of design
    • Content/copy presence and correctness
    • E-commerce/storefront components
    • Calculations and flow of data
    • Storing and retrieval of user information
    • Integration into a social network application environment

    Epicentre recommends that functional testing involves testing against batches of test cases or an interactive test script, and take place on one key platform of the required environment. These rigorous functionality tests can be supplemented with ‘exploratory’ testing that aims to identify additional areas to include in scripted tests, and ‘destructive’ testing where testers aim to use your product in unexpected ways, much as an end user might.

    Combined, these functional testing approaches give you the confidence that your product will withstand even unexpected user actions and be resilient ‘in the wild’.

  • Exploratory functional testing is the process of understanding how the software works. By analysing a product during the test process, we can adapt and change our methods to best fit your needs. To ensure good functionality, we combine exploratory testing with rigorous destructive testing to uncover any issues your end user may encounter.

    Of course, test scripts and the creation of test cases are an important consideration to any testing project. Epicentre almost always uses a scripted approach to test positive and negative tests.

    Exploratory testing uncovers those unintended and more obscure issues that often are devastating to a product. The key benefits of exploratory testing include the following:

    • This method is a fast way to cover every aspect of a product.
    • It means less preparation time for the client.
    • It uncovers unintended user actions.
    • This approach is applicable even at late stages of the development process.
  • To ensure your product behaves consistently on all your customer’s platforms, Epicentre can carry out compatibility testing to test that your software is compatible with:

    • all Windows and Mac operating systems
    • all native language operating systems
    • an ever-increasing set of Linux distributions


    • all browsers and plug-ins
    • many mobile and tablet platforms
    • network platforms
    • software packages
    • many Content Management Systems (inc. LMS, VLE, etc.)
    • extensive hardware configurations
  • The mobile software industry is booming. Epicentre’s mobile testing service covers connectivity, installation, standards compliance and simulation of real-world activities. We can provide functional testing for a wide range of mobile software – testing for mobile games, mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites. We can also test all types of software, whether you’ve commissioned it from a third-party supplier, developed it yourself in-house or used a mobile authoring tool.

    Epicentre is ready to help ensure that your offering supports the most popular mobile and tablet platforms. We test on all the major mobile devices and platforms including Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry phones and tablets. If you also want to perform extensive unit compatibility tests or network tests, then our managed test partner service has the experience and the technology to meet your requirements. Read more here.

  • If your product sends data to another platform, it must be fully interoperable. It’s your job to ensure that the data sends correctly. With an increasing amount of products storing or transferring user data across a myriad of third-party platforms, you need to be certain that your product’s interoperability features work as designed. Essential features to test for interoperability include:

    • correct data storage
    • bookmarking
    • scores for games, learning, etc.
    • public preferences on social networking sites such as Facebook
    • user preferences.


    We’ve been involved with interoperability testing since its inception and our Interoperability Lab provides an unparalleled service. We have experience of numerous CMSs and other platforms and can therefore test against yours.

    Our Lab includes a qualified team of experienced technical testers, well-versed in all interoperability features and standards.


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