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Mobile testing

Epicentre’s mobile testing service covers connectivity, installation, standards compliance and simulation of real-world activities. We provide testing for a wide range of mobile software – testing for mobile games, mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites. We can test all types of software, whether you’ve commissioned it from a third-party supplier, developed it yourself in-house or used a mobile authoring tool.

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  • We treat mobile testing with the same meticulous analysis as desktop applications. By running both carefully scripted and destructive tests, we aim to ensure that the full functionality of your application is ready for launch. Depending on your application this could include:

    • Installation and uninstallation
    • Navigation and user interface
    • Layout and consistency of design
    • Content/copy presence and correctness
    • E-commerce/storefront components
    • Calculations and flow of data (between application/device/web server/etc)
    • Storing and retrieval of user information
    • Integration into a social network application environment


    Our testers experience the application as an end user with a real mobile device would, our mobile testing giving you the confidence that your application will work as designed in the hands of your customers.

    Epicentre recommends the use of a scripted mobile testing approach to ensure comprehensive coverage of all aspects of your application. Our team are experienced in producing test scripts and detailed test cases that are easy to follow and simple to update or re-use.

    Such scripted tests can be complemented with unscripted exploratory or destructive testing, which aims to identify issues arising from obscure functionality or non-standard user behaviour. End users often use products in unexpected ways and this can cause problems; we can help identify such ‘edge cases’ in advance of your product’s release.

    Combined, these approaches give you the confidence that your product will withstand even unexpected user actions and be resilient ‘in the wild’.

    Epicentre can also test for accessibility on mobile web sites and applications, through the use of a mobile-dedicated accessibility test script.

  • Epicentre is ready to help ensure that your offering supports the most popular mobile and tablet platforms. We already test across a wide range of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry, and are always looking to expand as new platforms and devices emerge.

    As well as covering a range of mobile operating systems we cast our net across a range of OEMs too, including Apple, Sony, HTC, RIM, Asus, Samsung, and Motorola.

    In addition to working across a wide range of hardware Epicentre can emulate specific mobile devices to give you the most detailed information possible from our mobile testing. This ensures that the usability of your application is consistent across a more diverse range of devices and operating systems.

    Utilising a virtualised operating system, we will verify that your application functions as expected on the baseline mobile platform.

  • Epicentre simulates the full range of user functions for mobile devices to ensure that your application behaves as designed when interrupted by a number of real-world events. Should any issues arise we investigate what happens to your application during and after these interruptions, to help your developers work towards a suitable fix.

    By submitting your application to these types of mobile testing we can ensure it will perform as expected, and with more reliability and stability, once it’s out in the real world.

    We test against possible interruptions the end user may encounter such as:

    • Incoming and Outgoing SMS and MMS
    • Incoming and Outgoing calls
    • Incoming Notifications
    • Battery Removal
    • Cable Insertion and Removal for data transfer
    • Network outage and recovery
    • Media Player on/off
    • Device Power cycle
  • Launched in October 2012, the Quality App Directory is an online resource of mobile applications that have met a certain quality standard. It is funded purely by Application Quality Alliance members such as AT&T, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, Orange, Samsung and Sony Mobile.

    The Application Quality Alliance is a non-profit group working to improve the quality of mobile apps, across all platforms, by encouraging wide-spread adoption of sound working practices.

    Epicentre is one of AQuA’s approved test houses and in our mobile testing we’ll put your application through its paces, ensuring that its technical performance meets compliance standards for mobile device operating systems.

    To ensure your app is of the highest quality and to effectively market this level of quality in online app stores, you need to verify that your app passes the rigours of the AQuA audit. Epicentre can help you with that and can also guarantee your app is fit for purpose. We’ll be happy to work with you to discuss mobile testing considerations and to ensure the highest level of app quality.

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