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Non-functional performance testing

Understanding your system’s non-functional requirements can be difficult. The skill sets required for non-functional performance testing may be too specialist to retain in-house on a full-time basis. Epicentre provides managed services for non-functional testing to help you correctly establish your non-functional requirements, adhere to best practice and give you access to the specialist skills as and when you need them. We’re also happy to provide guidance to help you set up an internal capability in these areas or provide ad hoc support to supplement your internal team.


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  • Performance-related issues are extremely costly when detected after an application goes live – costly to fix and costly to business. There is a significant need to focus on the evaluation of these aspects via Load, Stress, Performance and Soak (LSPS) testing. LSPS is not just limited to the performance testing phase but can be applied throughout the early phases of the product lifecycle.

    Whether in the cloud or on a server farm, hosted by you or a service provider, Epicentre will ensure your users can access your system effectively and that you don’t lose business as a result of poor performance. Our LSPS test experts can also help you plan to for future capacity upgrades in CPU, storage or network bandwidth in a controlled manner.


    The benefits of this customised service include:

    • a tool–independent, repeatable LSPS testing process
    • the ability to identify and resolve application bottlenecks earlier in the lifecycle
    • the development of functionally rich regression test packs
    • the capability to accurately predict future growth and its system impact
    • the resolution of data-related lockouts earlier in the lifecycle
    • the ability to accurately predict the effects of change.



  • We work closely with our clients to understand their application security requirements based on the level of risk. We provide security audits using specialist resources that are recognised leaders in their fields and hold accreditations with major industry and government schemes, including CISSP, ISO27001 Lead Auditor/Lead Implementer, CHECK, CREST and CLAS.

    Our consultants will seek to exploit vulnerabilities in your application by performing a series of different types of tests, including the following:

    • Vulnerability assessments (passive discovery) – Usually a full vulnerability assessment of the application will be performed as the first exercise. This process will help identify whether the application is susceptible to any of the common malicious methods that exist.


    • Penetration testing (active discovery) – We’ll perform a structured and methodical phase of penetration testing. During this phase, all technical information and application behaviour gathered and highlighted will be used to perform specific target tests that will attempt to actively hack the system.
    • Ongoing vulnerability scanning – Where required, Epicentre can provide an ongoing vulnerability scanning service for your system to check that it is not susceptible to malicious methods that are developed after deployment.
    • Strategic guidance – Ideally security should be built into an application at an early stage and planned for throughout the life of a system. We are also able to offer support to review coding standards and code-level security and give guidance related to software architecture and design assurance.
  • Whether you are releasing a product, website or app, it’s essential to make sure that it can be easily understood by the end user. Unless the end user can understand, navigate and progress through your product easily, the user will go elsewhere. We will check for usability issues throughout the performance testing process, making sure the end result is absolutely transparent. We will also work with you to perform usability testing before the testing phase begins.

    We provide a service that includes:

    • a methodical, logical performance testing approach
    • persona and scenario test cases
    • input on how real users use the system
    • measurement of human-computer interaction
    • feedback on simplification

    We also partner with City University London Interaction Labs, who can provide additional usability services using the latest in eye-tracking, heat mapping and Microsoft surface table application development technologies.


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