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Forging relationships

It’s no secret that a strong relationship takes time, trust and mutual understanding to build – but once in place, all parties enjoy the benefits of that trust and shared understanding. As a testing partner we work to understand your business objectives and product requirements and how we can best support them, whilst being transparent and communicative about what we are doing to provide you with a quality service. We work closely with our long-term clients to devise specific ways of improving the quality and efficiency of our services and provide support and guidance as they adapt to changes in their markets and in technologies.


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  • Our approach to testing is adaptive – we can start on a project quickly because of the flexibility, scalability and reactivity of our service. When working with our clients on a longer-term basis (if you’re producing a series of products for example), our specialist testers are able to build up a detailed knowledge of your applications to understand specific areas that need focus as well as common issues that may arise. This knowledge is then retained within Epicentre to optimise the testing process for you moving forward.


    Strong relationships with our clients are important to us. Once established, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a long-term testing partner including:

    • years of experience in quality assurance
    • flexible resources to provide effective testing
    • affordable and transparent costs, split into phases
    • effective communication throughout the entire process
    • a streamlined process that results in efficient delivery to reduce efforts and cost.
  • As part of our managed service relationships, our clients are provided with consistent points of contact for both the technical and commercial aspects of the relationships. We also believe that it is beneficial for both sides to formally capture the service levels that are seen by both parties as vital to produce a quality output and ensure the success of the testing partner relationship.

    We work collaboratively with our clients to define service levels that will fit their requirements, meet their long-term quality objectives and also make their lives easier day to day. This has enabled us to forge strong, long-term relationships with the majority of our client base.

  • Our standard process for engagement on a project is as follows:

    • Step 1: Gathering Information – Firstly, we need to know what we are testing and what tests you want to be performed. We have a well-defined requirements gathering process to help us provide you with an accurate quote and also ensure that you’ve considered all aspects of risk that need to be mitigated.
    • Step 2: Analysis – Our technical team will evaluate the time and resources needed for effective testing and liaise with you to confirm the best approach to meet your timescales and budget.
    • Step 3: Quotation – We provide a straightforward quotation with the breakdown of costs into phases with no hidden surprises.
    • Step 4: Test Planning and Preparation – Our team will create a test plan to define critical areas of testing and the optimum test route. Where appropriate, we will also build test cases that support best practice, promote reusability and help your development team to reproduce any defects that are found.
    • Step 5: Testing – We will perform a systematic test of your product guided by the test plan, your requirements and the experience we have built up over many years of providing testing services.
    • Step 6: Reporting – We can provide tailored daily bug reports via our defect database or spreadsheets. We will then summarise our findings in a way that is easy to understand and include conclusions and suggestions for any further work that might be recommended.
    • Step 7: Product Ready – This enables you to decide whether your product is good to go, based on concise, accurate information.

    As a long-term testing partner, our aim is to then tailor the process to the projects specific needs. This includes the production of specific templates and documentation, agreement on service levels to govern the process, formation of a communication and reporting strategy and, where appropriate, implementation of our managed service transition model. These aspects help ensure that processes  employed are streamlined, fit both parties and are a catalyst for success.

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