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Specialist testing

We provide specialist testing services to ensure that your product is accessible to the widest possible audience, to improve test coverage and speed up regression testing and to validate your applications’ coexistence with other software. Our specialist service offering includes accessibility testing, functional automation and integration.

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  • At Epicentre, we know that it’s important to adopt a carefully planned approach for test automation rather than simply automating all test cases. An ad hoc approach to test automation can actually result in longer test cycles and poor quality.

    Selecting the right test tools for your environment is also essential. Our automation consultants have considerable experience of the leading industry automation tools, both commercial and open source. Epicentre can assist in the tool selection process, help train your team and work with you to develop reusable and easy-to-maintain automated scripts that will deliver the process efficiencies you require.

    Our test automation services include both functional and non-functional automation. We can also offer a blended (onsite/remote) method of delivery with our long-term partners STAG Software. This facilitates the development of robust, cost-efficient automation test suites that will expedite the ROI on your test automation.


  • If your product is not fully accessible to all users, you risk losing business. More than 8.5 million people in the UK have a disability – that’s nearly 15 per cent of the population and, as people age, this number is likely to increase. Across the world, accessibility is being recognised as a key web development consideration, and governments are passing legislation to help provide access to the web for everyone.

    Epicentre has the expertise and equipment to provide extensive accessibility conversion and testing. Our dedicated Accessibility Lab has been testing for accessibility compliance since the late 1990s, longer than any other accessibility testing service in the market.

    Examples of accessibility testing include the use of:

    • screen readers and assistive technology tools (JAWS/Supernova)
    • voice-recognition software (Dragon)
    • accessibility and browser validation tests (Bobby/LIFT)
    • syntax validation tests (W3C HTML validation)
    • style sheet validation tests (W3C CSS validation)
    • Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) conformity testing.


  • Epicentre has years of experience validating system integration to ensure that applications function properly together and that data flow occurs correctly between the application, middleware or web service and database.

    We support your team both from an early stage to ensure the modules of your software integrate correctly (integration in the small) and also later in the lifecycle to test the required interactions within a system (System Integration Testing or integration in the large).


    We have years of experience working in the digital media space. We’re experts at testing the integration between web applications that integrate with mobile and Facebook apps whilst also tracking that data is captured correctly in the database or via analytics software (the latter being critical in the industry).

    Our services also includes automation of these processes with tools such as JMeter and SoapUI.

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