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The Bloodhound SSC’s bulletproofing explained

Posted on June 5, 2015, by

Photo of bullet in bulletproof metalWe don’t know about you, but when we hear that a car is being developed to reach speeds of 1,000mph, the first thing we think is, ‘Can we shoot it?’

And that’s probably why the Bloodhound Supersonic car is also going to be bulletproof to protect it from people like us: people who like things to go really fast so we can whip out our nines and squeeze off a few shots in the general direction of the blur the Bloodhound will most likely appear as. In fact, last week we were all down the shooting range for one of our bi-weekly Bullets ‘n’ Beef target practice/barbeque events, and an informal poll showed that a supersonic car is our most sought-after dream target, second only to laser-shooting robots made to look like wallabies. In case you’re confused by our use of the terms ‘supersonic’ or ‘car’, the Bloodhound website has handy definitions of both. Because ‘car’ is a tough one.

While the Bloodhound team maintain that the bulletproofing, by way of ballistic armoured panels, is a safety consideration to prevent damage to the cockpit at such high speeds, this excuse is clearly a ridiculous attempt at subterfuge. We suspect that the land-speed record attempt is also a smokescreen, and that the Bloodhound SSC is really developing the car to replace Pope Francis’s outdated Pope mobile, further cementing his reputation as the coolest Catholic the Vatican has known since Rodrigo Borgia.

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