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Windows 8 survey shows users prefer Windows 7

Posted on October 17, 2012, by
Windows 8 survey shows users prefer Windows 7

It’s well-documented that Windows 8 has received mixed reviews since its release preview emerged in May, but a recent survey on the website forumswindows8.com – which claims to be the leading community support site for Windows 8 – indicates that early users of Microsoft’s new operating system prefer to use Windows 7.

Of the 50,000 people who took part in the survey 53% preferred to use Windows 7, with Windows 8 following in second with 25%. Surprisingly, 20% would still choose XP over other versions of Windows – eleven years after it was first released.

Of all the new features adorning Windows 8 the new Metro or ‘Modern’ style interface is the least popular, with only 22% of participants saying they liked the change from the traditional start menu we have become accustomed to since Windows 95.

On the other hand, despite the negative feedback regarding some of Windows 8’s newer features, its basic functionality is impressing people. Its fast boot and shutdown times alongside its simple and speedy installation process are some of the most liked features.

Another positive element many respondents cited was price. Although consumer pricing has not yet been fully confirmed, Microsoft has stated that upgrades to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 7, XP and Vista machines will be priced at around £25. In addition those purchasing a Windows 7 kit between June 2012 and January 2013 can get the upgrade for just £14.99.

Unfortunately these upgrade prices may not be around forever. After the transitional period some speculate that the full price could be similar to Windows 7 (around £180).

The new ‘Metro’ style is designed with tablets and touch screens as the targeted devices, and those who have used the Microsoft Surface tablet have returned more positive reviews. The poll indicates that Windows 8 users are more likely to buy the Surface than an iPad or Android tablet – although in the same group 42% preferred Android as a smartphone OS. Still, Windows 8 Surface may offer a beacon of hope for Microsoft: it’s an area of the technology market in which they are keen to establish a foothold and their potential capability to unify the software experience across desktop, phone, console and tablet goes beyond anything any other company has pulled off.

The corresponding risk is that Windows 8 could fall into a well-established trend: Microsoft release a solid OS and then follow it with something less popular. XP was a great operating system, light, easy to use and functional, which was then followed by the nightmarish Vista, with its sluggish performance and memory-gobbling sidebar. Microsoft then thinned out Vista and made vast improvements under the hood to bring us Windows 7. Could Windows 8 be the next in line for the ‘doesn’t have everyone on board’ award?

One early indication is that PC manufacturers may decide to continue offering Windows 7 as a ‘downgrade’, as was done with XP during the Vista era. It is still, however, simply too early to tell. Windows 8 is released to the consumer market on October 26th.

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